Time Machine Checks

By | February 13, 2017

I use Time Machine on my Macs (5 in total) for a couple of years, actually I think right after it was released.

So far I never faced a big problem and when I needed it all files were there. Anyway I want to add another step now to check myself and not just trust the automatism behind it.


I know you can [ALT+Click] on the Time Machine icon and run the “Verify Backups” command. That is fine but I like it more detailed.

Another way is the command tmutil verifychecksums

The most detailed I found so far is the tmutil compare command. That will list every change, every added or delete files and their bytes.

I think a will run a script as background job once a week and it will start watching until a backup is started and then finished. Immediately after that it will run the  tmutil compare command and send me the result via mail.

This commands simply tells 0 or 1 if a backup is running or not.

tmutil status | awk '/Running/ {print $3}' | grep -o '[0-9]'

For testing I started with this small loop:

while [ $runnot -eq '1' ]; 
    tmstatus=$(tmutil status | awk '/Running/ {print $3}' | grep -o '[0-9]'); 
    if [ $tmstatus -eq '1' ]; then 
        echo "Backup is running"; 
    sleep 15;

But well, that’s it for today, the result follows later.

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